Value Building

Updated: Jan 27

Childhood is perhaps the best time of our lives. It is also the time when we develop our values and belief systems, which help to define how we become as we grow old. If proper values are taught to the children, they will surely be able to use them, as they mature.

Most of the times, when we talk about a school curriculum, we talk about the academics - Mathematics, Science and the languages. How often do we hear about value building being a part of the curriculum? The problems in the society today can be attributed to the neglect of teaching moral values to the children, as one of the reasons. If the moral values

have never been taught to the children, how can the person discern the difference between the good or bad?

Most of the schools focus on the solitary goal of education. With most of the nuclear families in today's world and both parents working, they (the parents) have little or no time to share the learning around the value system with their children. Yes, it is the responsibility of the parents and families. However, can the schools take up the responsibility along with them, to inculcate good moral values among the students, along with the academic records that they try to surpass every year? The primary goal of education should be that of enabling students to gain knowledge along with having a robust value system in place. When I talk about inculcation of moral values in children in schools, I do not mean about having a period of moral science only. It needs to be a well thought-through plan with respect to the words, actions and behavior of the staff, the teachers as well as the management, along with the parents and / or guardians of the children.

How many of us remember the Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology we studied during our school days? 10% would be at best, I suppose. However, there are other life lessons that we learnt at our schools which have stayed with us and we live by those day after day. One such lesson that I learnt was about true friendship. The board examinations had started and on an unfortunate day, I met with an accident. I had an internal head injury and do not remember anything that happened, but when I was coming out of the hospital, after a week and a half, I thanked the doctor. I still remember the words he said - "Neelesh, instead of me, you should

thank those 3 friends of yours, who had brought you here and stayed with you for the first whole week till you came out of your semi-coma state." Out of those 3 friends, one of them had his examinations as well and still, he studied while being at the hospital and appeared for his examinations, just to look into it that I recover. Though, I had missed out on my examinations, but at least, I was alive. That, is a learning, I can never forget. After all, it was their value system, which made them what they did.

There are so many such moral values, which can be inculcated in the children by sharing the stories, personal experiences and activities by the schools. A few of these moral values can be:

1. Respect for Others

2. Importance of a Good Education

3. Strength to Persevere

4. Self Discipline

It would be prudent that the schools took cognizance of the same and start acting upon it now. After all, it's our Now that decides our Later!!!

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