Essentials for participating in a Job Fair

There is an opening in your organization. And, you have just heard about a Job Fair, which you would like to explore. That's great! So, let's explore what are the things that you should be looking at, to take part in that job fair.

To make the most of the Job Fair event, firstly, it is important to think about - what are your hiring needs and then to plan your organization's participation in the event.

What are those things, which you can look at, for planning?

It is important to decide on your recruitment goal. Depending on your industry and hiring needs, you must choose a job fair that will be worth your time, effort and money.

For example, if you want to boost your employer brand, among candidates interested in your field, participate in an industry-specific job fair. Or, to hire for entry-level candidates or to offer internships, attend a college job fair.

When you participate in the right job fair, you will get access to a large pool of qualified candidates. You might compare the amount that you spend on the fees to participate in the event with the amount that you would have spent if you had used another job ad marketing channel. The Job fair would be comparatively economical.

The next step would be to choose the team who will best represent your company and it's culture to the candidates at the Job Fair.

Whoever you choose to represent your organization must be well versed with the organizational detail, must be presentable, positive and an effective communicator. This team can include:

  1. Recruiters and HR staff, who are best positioned to initiate discussion and present your business in a positive light and manage administrative tasks

  2. Hiring managers to screen and interview candidates on-site along with describing the scope of responsibilities

  3. Other team members to provide an authentic account of your work culture

Now, that it's decided that which Job Fair event will the team attend and who all will be the participants, you can make the payment to the organizers, give them the details about your company and your job openings.

The next important aspect is to ready the marketing material. The Marketing Material is useful as it would be one of the mediums for advertisement during the fair, as well as be a tool for the candidates to remember the discussion or the experience that they had with you or the team. A few of these can be – Name Tags, Brochures which contain information about the organization, Business Cards, Poster and Standees. If you want to offer giveaways to the candidates, choose something that represents your business culture, instead of pens or notepads with your company logo. That is too common.

Plan the equipment which you might need for example, an LED to play videos representing your company culture, few laptops which the interested candidates can use, to fill in the application forms and space to conduct mini interviews in the stall.

With the limited time at hand, you should be prepared with the set of questions that you will ask the candidates. You can have questions pertaining to:

  • Your company:

  • Career Goals:

  • Role Specific:

All the preparation is done to get the right set of candidates from the Job Fair. That's wonderful. Let us prepare to be at the venue now.

A couple of ideas to capture the attention of the job-seekers can be to have the Company culture videos playing on the LED. You can have 2 of the team members debating around a career topic or around a project. This would attract the job-seeker to listen to the type of conversation and also portray the culture by means of communication.

You should try to:

  • Speak to as many candidates as possible

  • Keep interviews within specific time-frames

  • Remember to take notes during the interviews

The interactions and interviews with the candidates are done. Remember to inform them about by when will you or someone from your team be getting back to them to schedule the in-person interview. This will keep them informed about a tentative time.

Job fair went off well and you are now back at your desk. The task is still not completed. The next few probable steps, depending on the Talent Acquisition process for your organization, would be to coordinate with the candidates and ask then to complete a detailed application form, attend a screening call, complete any online assessment to assess their skills and to reach office for an in-person interview.

Remember, the earlier you get back to them, the better will be your chances. When getting back to them, it shouldn’t be too much of a lag between your meeting and the call-back. At most, get back within a week to maximum 2 weeks.

Now is the time to do post-thesis and the cost benefit analysis. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many candidates did we source during the event?

  • How many of them were qualified?

  • How many did we interview in our company?

  • How many did we hire?

  • What was the overall time-to-hire?

Doing this would help you in finding out the fitment of the job fair in your recruitment strategy as well as give you some insights to be better prepared for the future.

All the best for finding the right set of candidates, meeting your organizational requirements!!




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